Prepare for Distance Healing Session

To prepare for the distance healing session, find a quiet and undisturbed space where you can relax comfortably. You can lie on your back on a bed or sofa bed, ensuring you have enough pillows to make your position comfortable. Close your eyes and take three to four slow, deep breaths, allowing yourself to unwind and let go of any tension.

As you begin the session, it’s essential to focus your mind and trust in the healing process. Let go of any doubts or distractions that might hinder the experience. Set your intention to be open and receptive to the healing energy that Laurent will channel.

During the session, you can enhance your connection to the healing energy by visualizing Laurent standing behind you with his hands gently resting on your head. This visualization can help deepen the sense of connection and relaxation.

The distance healing session will take place via Skype, Zoom, or with just your photo. If you choose the photo option, it is important to have a video chat with Laurent before the session to establish a personal connection.

Please note that Distance Energy Healing sessions are offered as a gift, and donations are welcome. Embrace this beautiful opportunity to give yourself the gift of healing and inner peace.

May this healing experience bring you tranquility and rejuvenation.”

Overall, your instructions are inviting and reassuring, and they convey the idea of a caring and supportive healing environment. Participants will likely feel at ease and ready to embrace the healing experience.

Please Note: The modality I use for the healing sessions includes prayers, breathing, and meditation.

Please note that when sending your photo, ensure it is very recent, with your eyes wide open.
Do not wear glasses, avoid screens, and refrain from wearing dark clothing. Since I work at the soul level, it’s crucial for me to see your eyes.

Be kind to yourself during the Healing Session

We live in a fast-paced world where people expect instant solutions to every problem.
We have forgotten the importance of time (and patience, especially towards ourselves) in solving our problems.
This is especially true when we deal with our personal problems, whether they be emotional, physical, or mental.
In our desire to speed up the process of healing from breakups, grief from loss or death, depression, and other difficult situations,
we must remember that healing takes time, and most importantly, it requires self-compassion. We are all “a work in progress,” and we all have our own timetable.
This is why when it comes to healing or recovering from illness, whether it be mental or physical, we need to be kind and patient with ourselves.

The goal of this, and every session I facilitate, is to serve your highest and greatest good.
So, please relax, let go of any expectations, and allow the energy to flow.

I am also delighted to extend the option of personalized one-on-one private sessions, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. In an effort to make these sessions accessible to all individuals, I operate on a donation-only basis. This means that you have the freedom to contribute an amount that resonates with you and the value you receive from our sessions.