Free and Donations only for Distance Energy Healing Session

with a spiritual healer Laurent Hélène

Distance energy healing is available to those who are suffering from anxiety,
depression, or any critical illness.
Distance energy healing may assist with your healing and recovery.
Also open to all those seeking Spiritual Growth and Connecting to their Higher Self.

I am also delighted to extend the option of personalized one-on-one private Zoom sessions, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. In an effort to make these sessions accessible to all individuals, I operate on a donation-only basis. This means that you have the freedom to contribute an amount that resonates with you and the value you receive from our sessions.

Video Testimonials

Please note: The modality I use for the healing sessions includes prayers, breathing, and meditation.

The Astonishing Results of  Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing Testimonials 2

Sessions are also available for individuals, couples, and families!

Energy Healing for individual

Remove negative energy and clear any blockages and heal both physical and mental illnesses. Provide relief from pain and stress, freeing the individual from unnecessary fear.

Energy Healing for Couples

Assisting couples in improving their relationship by removing negative energy, clearing blockages, and fostering peace and harmony in their lives.

Energy Healing Session for Families

Work with families of up to four to remove negative energy, clear any blockages they may have, and create a more peaceful and harmonious relationship.

Distance energy healing takes place on all levels, depending on your willingness to Heal.